Shopping in Nanded

Nanded is popular for its handicraft items which have always received a positive response from both the locals and the tourists of the city. Though, this city is considered as a holy place, there are some shopping centers which caters to the needs of its people. The city also has some upscale shopping malls that have mushroomed in the recent times owing to the infrastructural development experienced here.

Markets in Nanded

The markets in the city are popular for its fresh agricultural produce and handicraft items that display the unique craftsmanship of its people. Nanded, the city in Maharashtra is popular for its agricultural produce like bananas and other fruits as River Godavari keep the soil fertile throughout the year. People who visit this city can buy fresh agricultural produce like fruits and vegetables at very nominal rates at many local markets across all talukas of Nanded district.

Shopping in Nanded

Apart from the crop based goods, Nanded is also popular for its handicrafts such as Bidri work, that feature intricate embellished designs on plates, bowls, vessels, cigarette holder, knives, daggers, swords etc., warli paintings which are paintings made with white rice flour on a earthen ware or on a canvas or cloth and hand loom materials. These items are sold at many shops and markets in the city which are bought by the tourists as souvenirs.

Nanded shopping

Street Shopping in Nanded

The streets in the Nanded are always bustling with tarp covered shops by the road side and hawkers who are busy calling out their wares. As the city has a Sikh connection, one can find a great collection of swords and knives to choose from. These stunning weapons are kept in embellished sheaths that are exquisitely decorated. Some shops even offer the warrior Sikh costume for rent, which the tourists can wear and pose for a picture to capture the moment.

One can also buy rings made of copper and various types of Khadas. Some shops sell both original and stunning swords and daggers and the originals would have a story associated with it. If one can put their bargaining skills to practice, he or she can get a premium sword or dagger at a reasonable price. There are few other shops that specialize in selling hand loom materials like saris, kurtas, salwars, shirts etc.

Shopping Malls in Nanded

When one has enjoyed the traditional experience of Indian shopping by bargaining at the markets in Nanded city, the next thing to do is to feel the sophisticated shopping at the malls. Though there are just 2 or 3 shopping malls found here, one cannot deny the fact that these malls have changed the outlook of this Maharastrian city completely. Some of the very popular shopping malls in Nanded are the Treasure Bazaar and the Mata Guruji Shopping Complex.

Shopping in Nanded

Treasure Bazaar Mall

The Treasure Bazaar mall is the second biggest shopping mall in the whole of Marathwada spread across a sprawling area of 4.2 lakh sq. feet. This shopping mall is a shopper’s paradise as it flaunts a futuristic design while offering multiple brands that has gained a reputation across the globe. This place is an abode to shop for apparels, electronics, home furnishings, sports equipments and cosmetics. This mall also has a fair share of gaming zones, restaurants and multiplexes. The mall also flaunts facilities like ample parking space, centralized air conditioning, elevator facility etc.

Mata Guruji Shopping Complex

The Sachkhand Gurudwara in Nanded runs this commercial complex, Mata Guruji shopping complex. This shopping mall has many national and international brands of reputed firms on sale. This shopping complex houses 72 shops within it which sells various products of daily use and the ones that are occasion specific to the people living in the city.
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