Religious Spots in Nanded

Nanded is famous as a pilgrim destination with various places of worship from different religions; places which will definitely provide solace to your meandering mind. If you're interested to explore the various festivals of India, Nanded is the place to be. With the high no. of spots from different religious background, the whole city adorns a festive look every-time something is celebrated.

Gurudwara in Nanded

The presence of Gurudwara has made Nanded rank as the second most sacred places of Sikh worship following Amritsar in the first. Apart from Sikhs, people of all religions visit this holy place to seek the blessings.

Sri Sachkhand Gurudwara

This popular Sikh Shrine is situated on the western side of Godavari River. Also known as Takhat Sachkhand Shri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib, this Gurudwara is one among the five high seats within the Sikh authority. This place is well known for being the place of congregation and the court of the last Sikh guru. This main Gurudwara is the spot where the tenth Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh spent his final days. Maharaja Ranjit Singhji, who was a popular Punjab ruler, lived during that period of 1830 to 1839 AD, constructed this Gurudwara in the year 1830. One can find the mortal remains of Shri Guru Gobind Singh inside this place of worship and different kinds of weapons are also found here.

Religious spots in Nanded

There are two other shrines that are constructed along with this Gurudwara across the sprawling area. One shrine is known as Bunga Mai Bhago Ji that has a huge room which houses the sacred book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib and weapons used in the historic era such as a sword in the size of a dagger, mace, steel quoits, an arrow and a bow made of steel. The belongings of Dharam Singh and Angita Bhai Daya Singh who were the survivors of the Chamkaur battle are also found in other rooms of these two shrines.

Mosques in Nanded

There are few mosques in Nanded that flaunt the ancient art and architecture possessed by the  people of this district and are visited by many tourists from various parts of the world.

Religiou spots in Nanded

Kandhar Dargah

A renowned Haji Saiyya Saravar Magadum Dargah who was also known as Sayyad Saidodin built this place of worship for the Muslims in 736 Hijri, which means it was over 750 years ago. The Kandhar Dargah is located at the south east part of the city and it holds a urus for 3 days which begin soon after 16 Rajjab.

Masjid of Biloli

This Masjid in Biloli town of Nanded is also called as the Hazrat Sarfaraz Khan Sahid Masjid. This masjid was built before 330 years by Sarfaraz Khan, who served as an officer in the army of the eminent ruler, Aurangzeb. The Masjid features a splendid construction style in stone and historical facts state that there were four minarets found on the Masjid’s south side and a lightening in the year 1960 damaged them. The north side of the Masjid features eight chains which have a bell shaped figurine beneath it. One can also spot a barrow shaped well in square fashion in the North West side of the Masjid.

Religious spots in Nanded

Temples in Nanded

There are many temples found in Nanded that have different gods and goddesses as their main deity. Some of the important temples found in the city are discussed below.

Renuka Devi temple at Mahur

Mahur is a popular place of pilgrimage in Nanded as it possesses the Shaktipith of Maharshtra. The temple is found to be situated on a hill that is surrounded with natural beauty of village of Mahur. Also known as the Shrikshetra Mahurgadh, this temple is a place of natural beauty owing to the lush green look it beholds. According to the historical reports, the Yadava Kings of Devgiri built this temple for Goddess Renuka Devi during his rule here. This historical evidence indicates that the temple is 800 or 900 years old. Devotees pay visit to this temple in large numbers to attend the Navaratri festival celebrations held here and take part in the big fair held during Dasara, to honor Goddess Renuka Devi.

Parli Vanjinath

Parli Vanjinath is located about 130 kms away from Nanded. Hindus state that here are exactly twelve Jyotirlingas that are considered very sacred for Hindus. Of these 12, five lingas are found to be in Maharashtra region and Vanjinath has one of this prestigious jyotirlingas. The main god of worship is Lord Shiva.

Religious spots in Nanded

Unkeshwar Temple

The Unkeshwar temple is a fine example of the multicultural experience that Nanded has in store for you. Located at the Northern side of the Kinwat region in the district of Nanded, this temple is very close to River Penganga. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva or Ushnakeshwar and has hot springs known as Surya Kund and Mukhya Kund with temperatures ranging from 30oCelsius to 43oCelsius. These hot springs are said to have medicinal value and is believed to cure various skin diseases. The presence of sulphur content in the hot springs were analyzed by experts and this is evident through the huge number of bubbles found in the springs. Many tourists who have skin ailments visit this temple, to find a cure for their bothering conditions irrespective of their religious differences.

Religious spots in Nanded

Lord Siddheshwar temple in Hottal

Lord Siddeshwar temple is located at Hottal, which is 8 kms away from the Degloor Taluka in Nanded district. This beautiful temple is built with stone and is a stunning specimen of architecture that the sculptors of ancient India possessed. The art of the Chalukyan era is portrayed at all angles in this temple and the main god of worship here is Lord Siddheshwar, which is another name for Lord Shiva.
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